Parking coloumn Guard

Parking Column Guard

Leading Manufacturer of Parking Column Guard from Bengaluru.We are presenting an excellent quality assortment of Parking Column Guard.


  • Specially designed product for basement and any other area having pillars
  • Can applied else where required by the client
  • Special smooth surface on the outside avoids scratches to the vehicles and will not damage the pillar or wall edges
  • Their reflective sticker provides better visibility in the night
  • It can with stand impact
  • Size is standard 900mm
  • Multiple pieces can be joined for more heights
  • Available in yellow and black colour, can be used alternatively for better visual impact

Available IN :-

  • Material : Solid Rubber
  • Dimension : 900 x 90mm
  • Color : Black with 5 reflector
  • Material : Carbon mixed rubber with GI Channel
  • Dimension : 1 Mtr. H * 130mm W both side
  • color : Black with 3 Band reflector

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